Frequently asked questions about renting car

What documents do you need to provide for car rental?

Russian passport (home page and registration)/foreign passport (only for foreign citizens), driver`s license (on both sides).

When will the Contract and other necessary documents be ready?

Your rental Agreement and other related documents will be ready by the time you receive the car.

Are the cars insured?

All cars of our company are insured under CASCO and CTP. According to the lease Agreement, your liability is limited to the deductible under the CASCO policy. To remove the restrictions, you can use the "deductible Cancellation" service or choose the "Extended insurance coverage" service.

What will happen to the Deposit when the lease expires?

The Deposit amount will be returned to you without fail within 30 calendar days after the end of the rental period, subject to all the terms of the Contract.

Do I have to make a prepayment?

A prepayment of 20% of the rental price is a prerequisite for booking a car. After making an advance payment, a specific car will be booked for You, whose personal data (color, configuration, year of manufacture, registration plate) will be indicated in the rental Agreement and the car receipt Voucher.

How do I make a prepayment?

You can make an advance payment using the online service on our company`s website.

Can I pay the rent by card?

You can pay for your car rental with a Master Card, Visa or MIR card at our company`s office.

How to find You at the airport of Chelyabinsk?

Upon arrival at the airport of Chelyabinsk, our Manager will contact You. Transfer of the car is carried out in the Parking lot of the Chelyabinsk Airport.

Can another driver be allowed to drive the car?

Other drivers can be allowed to drive a car if they meet the requirements for the tenant, as well as if they have a similar set of documents.

Is it necessary to wash and refuel the car before returning it?

You will get a clean car with a full tank of gasoline. At the end of the rental period, it is necessary to return it in its pure form, or pay for the car wash in the amount of 1000 rubles. The fuel tank must also be full, or you will need to pay for the missing amount of fuel according to the company`s price list.

What fuel should I use to refuel the car?

Almost all our cars are refueled with AI-95 gasoline, but there are exceptions, they should be refueled with diesel fuel DT. The information is posted on the fuel tank hatch, be careful!

The "franchise Cancellation" service - what is it?

The service "cancellation of the franchise" cancels the franchise under the CASCO policy for an additional fee, and at the same time obliges to provide all certificates of damage to the vehicle from the traffic police.

What should I do if the car crashes through no fault of mine?

In the event of a breakdown, we will promptly and free of charge replace the car with a similar one, or eliminate the cause of the breakdown in a short time.

What should I do if I have an accident?

In the event of an accident, you need to contact our specialists at 8 (800) 444-48-48, then call traffic police officers to the scene and get the following documents: a copy of the Protocol, an accident diagram and a certificate of the accident.

Do I need to pay an Airport fee?

In our company there are no all kinds of fees and additional payments, * Airport fee, surcharge for winter tires and a set of motorists.*

We are planning a trip with small children, Can you rent child seats?

Child seats and boosters can be rented for an additional fee according to the company`s price list. You must book this service in advance.

What are the daily mileage limits?

There is no mileage limit in our company.